About the project

Cryptounit Blockchain

A secure and scalable blockchain based on EOSIO.
It has the highest throughput of transaction processing.

0% transaction fee

Block explorer

Areas of application

DeFI, NFT & Collectibles, GameFi, Gaming, Metaverse, Marketplaces

  • Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Real estate
  • Musical industry
  • Medicine and health care
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Jurisprudence
  • Law
  • Inheritance and wills
  • Internet of Things
  • Labor market
  • Government and voting
  • Games and entertainment
  • Energetics
  • Education
  • Computer security
  • Credit history
  • Commercial transportation
  • Banks and finance, financial technologies

Business account for your ideas

Issue your own blockchain tokens and place them on Unitex and Global Unit Pay platforms. Download your smart contracts and run your dApps.

Premium business account

Get advanced capabilities for developing your own projects

Load smart contracts

For fast and secure operation of your applications

Create tokens

Option to issue your own tokens on blockchain

To create a Business account you must have a blockchain wallet

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The CRYPTOUNIT blockchain runs on the EOS engine and uses the DPoS (Delegated Proof‑of‑Stake) consensus algorithm


The programming language used to deploy the client / node C / C ++

  • Block creation time:
    0.5 seconds
  • Block size:
    Up to 10,000 transactions
  • No fee for
    0% transactions


UNTB blockchain system token (UNIT TOKEN OF BLOCKCHAIN)

  • Ticker: UNTB
  • Accuracy: 4 decimal places
  • UNTB issuance ends in March 2030

Producers Contest

There are 21 validators involved in the creation of each new block in the Cryptounit network. Anyone who understands EOS blockchain, has enough technical power to keep a node running smoothly, and is able to develop software products and community around the project can become it.

Validator rewards

Valiators in the top 21 are rewarded with UNTB tokens for their work and maintaining the blockchain ecosystem

Date of the event

The competition runs until February 10, 2022. At the end of it the results of voting will be summed up and the winners will be announced.

Leave an application

Each candidate must leave a maximum of useful data about himself/herself when applying — occupation, experience in the blockchain industry, a link to a website, etc. In this way, voters can learn about the competence and experience of the candidates and choose for whom to cast their vote.

In order to become a producer you need to submit your application

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UNTB (Service) Blockchain Token

Utility token UNTB 8 123 456 789

UNTB applications

  • Access to blockchain CPU+NET resources
  • Resource Token for the Gaming Industry
  • Staking CRU and WCRU
  • New coin issues and Security Tokens
  • Buying RAM to store data on blockchain
  • Rewards for top 21 validators

Connect Anchor Wallet

Anchor is a full-featured open-source digital wallet that focuses on security and privacy.

Download for    Windows    macOS    Linux    iOS    Android

Testnet: https://api-uatbc.otcdesk.ch
Mainnet: https://api.cryptounit.cc
Chain id: d5f0d6fa2e9992df0abbc2402ed7a4f78a8b4174b0b8f83775fc496e9a72ec21
Public key prefix: EOS
Token symbol: UNTB

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Blockchain resources

renewable resource

The most important resource, which is used every time you perform any operations with your CryptoUnit account. CPU usage is measured in microseconds and its role is to process your transaction. CPU usage is a renewable resource, if for some reason you run out, just wait a few minutes/hours for it to be replenished.

non-renewable resource

RAM is a very important system resource that can not be transferred from user to user. It is used to store data in the blockchain, the calculation of the price is based on the Bancor algorithm.

renewable resource

Refers to the bandwidth of the network that is allowed to be used. Like CPU and RAM, this is a very important system resource in an EOSIO-based blockchain. Transaction size is measured in bytes. When a transaction is executed by the blockchain, it consumes CPU and NET, so enough UNTB must be zapped behind NET to complete the transaction.



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